CES, CAR MBS, Winning The DEFCON 2019 Car Hacking Village CTF, Black Hat USA, Bugcrowd Detroit, ASRG, Cyber Auto Challenge, and Expanding Our Presence in North Carolina

This year has been a huge success for Block Harbor and we’re proud to be part of pushing our industry forward. 

Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Early in the year we were able to attend CES 2019. Being on the frontier of technological innovation enables us as a company to understand how cybersecurity models can be formed in the foreseeable future. 
CES 2019
The Consumer Technology Association did a phenomenal job in setting up and providing events for networking. We are also proud to announce that we have a table at CES/CTS 2020. 

If you're attending CES feel free to stop by @ GENIVI Alliance Table 14 in the Bellagio Hotel (January 7th).

Wayne State Summer Academy

The following summer, Wayne State University reached out to do a partnership for their Summer Academy. We hosted our Labs area and presented on pathways into cybersecurity, how they can get started, and the types of positions they can expect to see in their professional career.
Summer Academy Partnership
It was a pleasure to be a field trip destination and partner for the future generation of security professionals. Looking forward to hosting again next year in 2020! Slides are available here.

CAR Management Briefing Seminar

Spotlight Speaker CEO Brandon Barry CAR MBS 2019
CAR MBS is a great opportunity to expand our network and provoke conversation in automotive. This year our CEO Brandon Barry was able to give a spotlight presentation about Building The Mobility Ecosystem Securely. 
In an industry restricted with resource constraints, legacy architectures, shortage of professionals, and dampened by regulation we wanted to propose a plan for solving these issues to drive the industry forward.
Follow our series on J3061 and ISO 21434 for more information.

Block Harbor Labs Hackerspace

Labs Hackerspace
Automotive Security Research Group Detroit

It was during this time we released our Block Harbor Labs initiative — an attempt to start our hacker space in our Vehicle Bay. We believe that the best form of education is by doing. Establishing a hacker space for meetups, tinkerers, and students alike enables us to reach this goal. Many of our Automotive Security Research Group events are hosted here and around the area. For more information join us on Meetup.

There is only room for our Labs mature in the years to come. Feel free to contact us anytime for a visit.

DEFCON 27 Car Hacking Village

The two weeks known as Hacker Summer Camp (Black Hat USA, and DEFCON), is a great chance to reconnect with our roots and our people. We applaud the Car Hacking Village organizers for a fun and unpredictable event. A grueling three days of literally breaking a Tesla 3, reversing ECUs, injecting payloads in traffic lights, we came out on top. 
The CANucks @ DEFCON 27
Go CANucks! 
More about the Car Hacking Village and future events here.

Cyber Auto Challenge, Bugcrowd and AUTO-ISAC

Gamifying and challenging our teams to stay competitive in securing mobility is an initiative we stay true to. We believe collaboration is the future of security and as an industry, we need to keep driving this concept forward.
SAE CyberAuto presented a great curriculum to students via an immersive hands-on experience with securing production vehicles. It was another great opportunity to be apart of! Learn more about their program here
It was around this time Bugcrowd came to town for Detroit’s very first Bug Bash. We participated and were able to find some critical bugs! There’s nothing better than collaborating to help secure our city. Next year will be the year of the comeback!

Industrial Control Systems and Our Presence in The Triangle

Industrial Control Systems is an emerging cyberphysical threat, this year we were able to attend and present at many cybersecurity conferences in securing IT/OT convergence. 
Kudos to our Lead Security Architect for expanding our reach and audience to cyberphysical safety and security. 
It was a momentous year in staying true to our values and goals. We’ll continue to strive in securing at the pace of innovation and building the security team of the future for 2020.
Thank you for reading and Happy New Year!