Internship Experience at Block Harbor

Amidst the backdrop of harsh competition and numerous lay-offs among the tech industry, my internship experience at Block Harbor Cybersecurity emerges not only as a beacon of opportunity but also as a profound learning journey. This experience has offered me invaluable insights into the complexities of automotive cybersecurity, a field that remains robust and in demand even as other sectors face instability.

My journey began when I applied in person for a web developer position at a job fair hosted by the University of Michigan. I was interviewed directly by the person who would later become my manager. Following successful technical and behavioral interviews, I was challenged with a coding task, which I completed diligently, leading to my acceptance into the company. Although the company is still growing and my initial onboarding process encountered some minor technical hitches, these issues have since been resolved, ensuring a smoother transition for new hires.

The initial phase of my internship presented a steep learning curve as I had to quickly familiarize myself with the company’s infrastructure and the various tools we use. Fortunately, the “shipmate” program greatly facilitated this transition. Through this program, I spent a week working under the guidance of each experienced colleague in my team, which not only accelerated my learning but also enhanced my integration into the team. My coworkers were very patient and assisted me in troubleshooting numerous issues. Reflecting Block Harbor’s commitment to maintain high data security standards, I was provided with a work laptop and required to use full disk encryption and multi-factor authentication for all accounts.

Although I was initially hired as a web developer, my tasks ranged widely from designing frontend UI in React to writing makefiles to shell scripting and testing vehicle hardware. I also had to learn a lot of cloud engineering and networking knowledge on the spot. The work is always challenging and exciting, but I never felt pressured or exhausted as my team always supported one another. Working among these talented people in a dynamic yet casual atmosphere makes almost everyday enjoyable and fulfilling, and even on the few occasions of long hours and tight deadlines, the snacks in the kitchen helped me push through. And as I was learning and growing, so was Block Harbor. We have since developed better standards of expectations and administrative processes, more effective ways of planning and management, and alleviated many of the growing pains of a small company.

Recently, I was promoted to a full-time position, a testament to my manager’s recognition of my hard work and skills. Her guidance has been crucial to my performance, enabling me to excel in my role. I can see a promising career path at Block Harbor and I will take on greater responsibilities in order to advance my professional goals and contribute to the development of the company.

Disclaimer: as a current employee at Block Harbor Cybersecurity, I may be biased, so the only way to be sure is to check it out yourself!