Security research & development is critical to Block Harbor. It’s our way to identify problems and solutions that make the future of vehicles safer. 


Our Vehicle Cybersecurity Labs

Located in Rochester, Michigan and Detroit, Michigan,  Block Harbor’s lab spaces are where  our penetration testing, research, and development happens. We’re constantly investing in tools and equipment to make our lab more capable and useful. The images below depict how our lab is set up and what it looks like in person. 

R&D Activities

Development Partnerships


Between customer engagements, Block Harbor identifies publicly available automotive systems to execute security testing against to responsibly disclose issues. This helps us keep our skills sharp while providing research input to the industry to, ultimately, keep vehicles safe. 

Current target: 2021 Mach E


Vehicle cybersecurity engineering is an incredible challenge that can only be done well with a helping hand from automation. In our lab space, we have vehicle test benches that each represent a vehicle make/model subsystem. We’re running security tests against those test benches 24/7 to constantly give us and our customers insight into the security posture of their vehicle.