Block Harbor was founded in 2014 on that basis that the best way we could serve the cybersecurity of the automotive industry was to provide expertise through services. Fundamentally, our services are focused on addressing cyber risks and business needs where safety is a concern. We offer incredible flexibility and agility to suit the evolving needs of our customers.

Vehicle Cybersecurity Labs

Our vehicle cybersecurity labs are fully equipped to perform our testing services. We receive a vehicle, system, or component into our lab, familiarize ourselves with the functions, demobilize it, and then execute tests with a strong focus on delivering work products for ISO/SAE 21434 and UNR 155. 

Vehicle Security Operations

We offer the ability to act as your security team for less cost than building your own. Our team of experts have wide-reaching knowledge from our various automotive customers. We’ll leverage that knowledge to operate managed services that lets you focus on what you’re good at, and lets us do what we’re good at: vehicle cybersecurity.

Vehicle Cybersecurity Consulting

We’ve provided optimal solutions for a lot of hard cybersecurity problems. Let us tailor an engagement to fit your needs.