Rethinking security iteratively.

Let’s build security into your whole process from software development to external dependencies to the code that’s running on a production server.

Security Built in.

50% reduction in security vulnerabilities and time to fix improves by 25% when security is built into DevOps.

WhiteHat Security
2018 Application Security Statistics Report

Preventative vs. Reactive

Invest in your DevOps strategy by building your security within the architecture and design of the system.

Seamless Integration

We add security without slowing down your development.

Penetration Testing

Attackers don’t operate quarterly.

Block Harbor runs security testing tools

against your system on a fixed schedule,

analyzes the results, and reports only the

real findings to your team.


We work to understand your application and business to finetune our tools.

Reduced False Positives

​Block Harbor fully analyzes and verifies findings to make sure only true security concerns are reported to you.

Accurate Ratings

You know your system best. We work with you to understand and rate risks based on the threat they pose to you.


We do more than just try to break into your application. We continuously do reconnaissance to understand the exposure for your company.

Vulnerability Management

Fix security issues before they ever get exposed.

Using our automated tools, we’ll build a security stage into your development pipeline so to help you detect when a new vulnerability was introduced into your system before it’s deployed.

Static and Dynamic Code Analysis

Setting up systems and processes to review software changes in the code helps detect vulnerabilities before they hit production.

Container and Host Scanning

Our tools scan your deployment for exploitable dependencies and indicators of compromise.

Infrastructure Configuration

System administrators modify access controls to get an application working, often opening up holes for an attacker to exploit. We’ll run tools to constantly monitor your infrastructure to detect possible misconfigurations.

Security Control Testing

Continuously test your security controls

Your controls are as effective until they are tested against. Controls testing is a much more consistent way to test how well your systems and their configurations can detect attacks.

Behavior Driven Development

Focus on user’s needs and expected systems behaviors

Configuration Testing

From the firewall rules to cloud buckets. The weakest links are often configuration issues.

Secure Software Development

Our team of expert developers pair programming skills with a

deep cybersecurity background to build security into your code.

Agile Methodology

Companies depend on rapid software development to continue innovating. We sprint to get your project done and save you money.

Code Review

We review code every step of the way to assure proper security controls are in place.

Automated Testing

We prevent technology deficits by building testing frameworks for any software we write.


Whether programming in C for efficiency or React for modern user experiences, our team has a variety of experiences to achieve your goals.