An efficient way to test for vulnerabilities

Submission of randomized malicious data that has been crafted with the implied use of breaching security implements and disabling or causing issues with applications.


Security testing typically uses common exploits to determine if a system is vulnerable. Attackers have all the time in the world to think of new attacks. Let our tools that generate random input run continuously to detect vulnerabilities other tools won’t find.


Fuzzing tests for software issues that humans aren’t able to test for. Our custom fuzzing frameworks deliver more value through being highly tailored for your system.

Custom Fuzzing

Our fuzzing framework is custom built to integrate into the inputs of your system. We start with normal inputs into your system and use guided randomness to discover unknown bugs.

Log Monitoring

Fuzzers run through the night. We investigate issues no matter what time they’re detected.

24/7 Test Runners

Our framework supports continuous fuzzing for months on end. Attackers don’t need to pause testing, so we don’t either.

Fuzzing Analysis

We’ve spent a lot of time deciphering the output of systems to detect abnormal behavior. We’ll pair our experience with knowledge of your system to provide increased issue detection.

Monitored Fuzzing

Once set up, we’ll be on the lookout day and night for issues. Plus, we constantly refine the approach to increase issues found.


If an issue is found, we’ll test it to determine the true risk that the issue presents. Our manual testing makes sure your team is focusing on real issues that can impact business continuity.


We’ll provide you a report that outlines how many tests were ran against your system and what was found. Expect number of tests to be in the millions to paint an accurate picture of the robustness of your system.