Security Team Exercises.

To think like a hacker you have to put yourself in their shoes.

We meticulously execute tactics, techniques, and procedures to emulate a real-world threat to measure the effectiveness of your cybersecruity.

Does your team know how to respond?

In an event where the unexpected happens will your team be able to respond to minimize recovery time and maintain up-time?

Red Team Exercise


We simulate an active threat to break down your security controls to find vectors of attack that will hinder your networks.

Attack Duration

Depending on the scope of the engagement it will either be a campaign ranging from 1 week to 3 months

APT Emulation

Emulation using cyber kill chain methodology. Showing blue team how resilient the infrastructure is in an event of an ongoing threat.

Security Hygiene

Consistently protecting and maintaining systems and devices using cyber security best practices.

Mean Time to Detect

Proding the servers to see if the Blue Team is able to detect changes and investigate the vectors immediately.

Blue Team Review


As important as it is to test against your security controls. It is imperative to make sure the established controls are as dynamic as the cyber landscape.

Security Controls Review

Are the proper controls in place in your infrastructure. How would it fare during an internal breach or outage?

Security Monitoring

Are the correct filters and controls in place for analyst to determine what is occurring on the network?

Response Processes

minimize the mean time to respond and establish a lessons learned procedure.

Incident Readiness

Establish a baseline for readiness and preparing for when a breach occurs.