Managed Security Operations Center.

Monitoring for threats 24/7

Focus on your business while we focus on operating your security. Our team of talented analysts rapidly detects and responds to anomalies in your data.

It's not if you'll be
breached, but when.

Security breaches can be costly, hard to detect, and halt business operations. Do you have the infrastructure to detect if you were breached? Let our team help.

The average cost of a data breach is $3.86 Million.

IBM Security

The average breach goes undetected for 206 days.

Ponemon Institute

SOC Expectations

What you can expect with a Security Operations Center Managed by Block Harbor

Block Harbor’s objectives are simple. We want to develop a security monitoring strategy that ensures continuous up-time, deep-dives into complex data, focuses on customer communication, and makes cybersecurity accessible for more businesses

24/7 Monitoring

Hackers don’t have a bed time. Our team of talented analysts constantly analyze your data to ensure that any hackers can be responded to immediately.


Our experts will identify the critical needs of your infrastructure. Block Harbor provides a personalized cybersecurity relationship specifically for your business.

Data Analytics

We leverage the latest technology in User and Entity Behavior Analytics and Machine Learning to detect anomalies that most security operations overlook.

Incident Response

Block Harbor emphasizes a fast response time to detect, solve, and communicate any cybersecurity anomaly.

How we operate.

Focus on your business. We'll handle the rest

We integrate with your infrastructure to monitor data streams critical to your business operations. A managed center allows our team of analysts to triage log data, threat information, indications of compromise, and vital assets during day-to-day operations.


Data is securely gathered into our security analysis platform.


We study your data to understand to build a baseline over time.


Data is correlated with itself and with our custom threat feeds.


Constant eyes on your data detects threats quickly.


We work with your team to stop the threat early in its lifecycle.


We provide you everything you need to contain the threat and understand the impact.

User Behavior Analytics

We combine the best of machine learning and manual analysis to monitor users for

malicious behavior. Our advanced toolbelt has the ability to orchestrate the

security posture on a per-user basis.

Guided Incident Response

Data points and assets are going to vary depending on the organization. Our flexible

infrastructure allows for incident responses, monitoring, and alerting.

Data is power

Our SOC is fueled by data, the more it’s going to be fed and the better the results in protecting your system.