Introducing Harbormaster.

Verification & Validation as a Service (VaaS).

Taking on V&V using automation to keep vehicles safe with a dynamic threat landscape and agile feature releases. 

We’ll analyze your vehicle cybersecurity test specifications and procedures, setup testing targets, and build automation around execution of those test procedures to make vehicle cybersecurity testing effective and efficient.

Block Harbor and Keysight

Partnered with the right companies to automate cybersecurity requirement verification to make securing vehicles easier

The Automotive industry is undergoing cybersecurity standardization and regulation enforcing consistent testing to provide work products to auditors.

ISO/SAE 21434 is a cybersecurity standard that integrates high-quality safety and security measures and provides a standard framework to implement a Cybersecurity Management System (CSMS). UNECE WP.29 UN R155 cybersecurity regulation requires carmakers to prove to auditors they have an appropriate Cybersecurity Management System (CSMS) in place to sell vehicles in Europe, Japan, and other markets globally.

To effectively deliver work products for these standards within that CSMS, automotive companies must be able to configure efficient automated cybersecurity requirement verification testing that can identify likely threat scenarios and appropriate measures to mitigate those threats. Automakers must able be able to prove to auditors they have successfully implemented defensive mitigations.


Our partners

To achieve these goals, Block Harbor has partnered with Keysight Technologies to deliver a platform for automated cybersecurity requirement verification called Harbormaster. By utilizing Keysight’s Automotive Cybersecurity Penetration Testing Platform (SA8710A) as a test execution environment for vehicle interfaces, the solution manages and orchestrates automated cybersecurity requirement verification tests providing automotive companies and their auditors insight into the latest status of verification test results.

Our Solution - Harbormaster

Harbormaster delivers unparalleled capabilities for complete vehicle cybersecurity testing coverage and automation – making the task of keeping vehicles safe and secure much easier. These solutions were built from the ground up to align with ISO/SAE 21434 and UNECE WP.29 and tailored to the latest vehicle cybersecurity challenges. Block Harbor delivers services to assist with configuring and deployment of Keysight’s solution in vehicle cybersecurity labs that host hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) vehicle test benches for the customer. Block Harbor also assists in developing test scripts and mapping them to test specifications driven by cybersecurity requirements from ISO/SAE 21434.


When it comes to an increasingly agile software vehicle ecosystem with a changing threat landscape, automotive companies using Harbormaster can set up effective automated requirement verification tests that give real-time insight into the cybersecurity capabilities of their vehicles. Furthermore, this insight can be exported and easily shared with auditors. See below how Block Harbor and Keysight can add consistency and reliability to achieving your cybersecurity testing needs.

  • Consistency in penetration testing across all R&D teams, both In-house and subcontractors
  • The “out of the box” exploitation mechanisms detect a vast majority of all known attacks
  • Cellular (2G through 5G), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, CAN, automotive Ethernet, and more
  • Find out if there is a security risk before a car is attacked in public or dangerous conditions
  • Traceability and reporting
  • Faster validation of software bugfixes
  • Reduced time to deploy FOTA updates
  • The framework is open for integration of any proprietary tests
  • Release management of subcomponents up to complete cars