Block Harbor was founded in 2014 on the basis that the best way we could deliver cybersecurity solutions to the automotive industry was to begin by providing expertise through services. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to start building great products focused on automation alongside our services to keep mobility safe. Our years of experience and holistic approach with customers gives us unparalleled insight into the cybersecurity challenges faced by the automotive industry.


Vehicle Cybersecurity Test Suite for UNR 155

Our suite of tests that execute within a testing platform to test vehicles for common mitigations that map to UNR 155. 


Vehicle Cybersecurity Validation & Verification Testing Management Platform

Built around vehicle cybersecurity labs, Harbormaster is a solution to automate and manage vehicle cybersecurity testing for ISO/SAE 21434 and UNR 155.


Vehicle Cybersecurity Engineering Analytics

Based on data from Harbormaster and other automotive cybersecurity data feeds, Harborview is focused on the automotive cybersecurity decision maker, giving them insight into the security posture of vehicles and components during the engineering process. 


Virtual Vehicle Cybersecurity Lab