Vehicle Cybersecurity Engineering Cloud (VSEC).

Each block in VSEC is designed to both solve a specific pain point in the journey to cyber-safe systems in automotive and to allow interoperability with other blocks. Overall, VSEC is a hub where all product security-related activities can be performed and tracked to create a complete vehicle security engineering suite. The modules below should give a general idea of each block, but the true power lies in customization and the interaction between other blocks and our services.

VSEC Learn

A competency management portal where the company can ensure their people are getting up-to-date training, and be able to provide the documentation (in the form of reports) to prove it to auditors. The Plunge admin portal can display training statistics and let admins add/remove people from courses applicable to their roles.

Vehicle Breakdown

A platform to house and share component, system and vehicle designs. For example, a vehicle manufacturer could have objects at each level with parent/children relationships. Then they can attach all requirements related to a specific vehicle to the vehicle, and choose if those requirements get propagated down to all components.

VSEC Garage

an online “garage” providing access to any number of real connected vehicles, vehicle simulations, or any connected vehicle system be it a test bench or single component. The connected interfaces can be accessed through Harborbay to perform testing, remote diagnosis, research and more.


A cybersecurity test management framework which allows users to create and manage testing-related work products specified by the ISO 21434. Furthermore, Harbormaster can be set up to manage automated/deployment test runs against connected targets such as Harborbay benches.


A set of automated vehicle tests that checks whether mitigations are implemented against common threats. This is aimed to cover UNR155 Threats and Mitigations to provide a baseline test suite for Type Approval Authorities to use as a part of Type Approval testing process.

Currently Breakwater V1 covers CAN, OBD II, and network stack-based interfaces such as Automotive Ethernet, WiFi, and Cellular.

We plan to expand coverage to Bluetooth, USB, V2X, GPS, and many more in-car communication interfaces.

VSEC Risk Manager

Maintaining a risk repository from different workflows in ISO/SAE 21434 

ISO/SAE 21434 risk workflows from ISO/SAE 21434 concept, product development, and post development phases

VSEC Dashboard

A dashboard providing visibility into your real time security posture.

As Harbormaster validates that your system meets the intended requirements with automated tests, the results are visible live from Harborview.

As Lighthouse processes TARAs, the risk scores should also be tracked on Harborview.

Results can be broken down by component, system or vehicle to understand how your systems meet requirements at every level.