Established in 2014 in the wake of highly publicized automotive exploits, Block Harbor was founded on the basis that the automotive industry’s biggest need would be services to support vehicle cybersecurity. We’re experts at detailing and executing complicated projects with tight deadlines, especially as it pertains to securing cyber-physical systems. Our area of focus is automating repeated tasks vehicle cybersecurity engineering to ensure vehicles are secure and stay secure. We’re using use the experience we’ve gained over the years to build great solutions in automotive cybersecurity to keep mobility safe. We believe in a world where code and people can coexist safely.  

Automotive Cybersecurity.

What's up with the Harbor theme?

When Block Harbor was founded, we were actively designing a solution to apply blockchain to tracking embedded automotive components via a secret key installed in their hardware security module/trusted platform module for use in tracking that component amongst multiple parties in a supply chain. Once completed, we loved the idea complex problems like automotive cybersecurity require complex solutions. The way we address big unknowns and big uncertainties is by slowly building a well-engineered breakwater that results in a nice, calm, and predictable harbor. That’s what we’re built around, and that’s what we bring to our customers to make sure that they build their own safe harbor, ultimately protected their business and their customers. Block Harbor.


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