Junior Product Development Engineer

Full Time

Job Description

Are you ready to put your elite Linux coding skills to use? Do you enjoy problems that have others scratching their head? Are you that one person who compiled and installed Gentoo while everyone else was using Windows!? Are you the type to roll up your sleeves in front of a task that you have no idea you can pull off, and say “Challenge Accepted!!!”

If so, I have the perfect place for you! Block Harbor is looking for a python/bash/C developer to join our team of 1337 hackers who (LEGALLY!!) opens car doors from 30ft away while the key is lying in a hotel room. You get to learn how vehicle technology works and create robust and repeatable scripts to carry out known exploits. We contribute back to the world by making sure the newest cars on the road are NOT susceptible to these attacks and improving open source hacker tools.

We put the best industry development practices in use in order to run at the speed of light. Join the team of Winners and prove yourself as one of the best!


  • Develop HIGH QUALITY scripts in Python/bash/C
  • Develop TESTS for the code
  • Automate repeatable processes like building, testing, making releases
  • Work with security researchers to turn ideas and proof-of-concepts into a marketable product
  • Communicate and work with your manager and peers to ensure deliverables and deadlines are met
  • Document process and procedures to help build team knowledge capabilities

Experience & Qualifications

  • Python, bash, C
  • Linux kernel modules, networking stack
  • Able to decode packets from communication protocols
  • Understand computer hardware such as clocks, memory, processor architecture
  • Demonstrate great interest and prior experience or studies related to cybersecurity and/or software development.

Preferred Experience

  • Experience participating in competition, puzzle leagues, or Security CTFs
  • Experience in hunting security bugs with CVE IDs in-hand
  • Experience in networking security, especially wireless and reverse engineering.

Required skills